Game Details:

October 23, 2005

Game Location:
San Juan Bautista, California

Game Schedule:
0800hrs: Arrival, sign-in/register and chrono
0930hrs: Briefing on rules and mission
1100hrs: Insertion into field
1300hrs: Lunch Break
1400hrs: Reinsertion into field (scenario reset)
1415hrs: OPERATION: BIOHAZARD II resumes
1600hrs: OPERATION: BIOHAZARD II concludes
1615hrs: Debriefing
1630hrs: Raffle



TO: Cpt. Luccio Romero

FROM: Environmental Impact Department

SUBJECT: Contamination and Retrieval

After the positive outcome of last year's experiments, the BDW sanctioned further testing and culturing of the R.I.P. virus.  Over the past
year, Dr. Muerte has personally overseen the enhancement of R.I.P. and its testing on primates and a few of the subjects captured from last
year's incident.  The enhanced R.I.P. virtually retarded decompoisiton.  With the continual success of Dr. Muerte's experiments, "live
subjects" were brought in for further testing.

To maintain a covert laboratory, TROCAR Chemicals, Inc. moved it's testing facilities to a more clandestine location.  However, current
conditions and the common, city-wide power outages have resulted in a poor storage environment. As a result, many of the test subjects went
unaccounted for.  Unfortunately, due to cutbacks in security to maintain the low profile, this was not discovered until a few days after the
last black-out.

Shortly after the discovery, we lost contact with Dr. Muerte and the rest of the staff at the testing facility.  We believe that the area has
been contaminated and an outbreak, similar to last year's Moss Landing incident, has occurred.  It is our understanding that the area has been
overrun with "infected."

This incident is unfortunate and must be sanitized.  Local law enforcement has already begun investigations in the area.  Please prep your
SWAT-HAZMAT team for deployment.  We will contact you when we locate Dr. Muerte.  We understand that this is a worst case scenario and have
Project: Undertaker prepped and standing by in the event your efforts do not succeed.


Frank Shelly, V.P.
Environmental Impact Department
TROCAR Chemicals, Inc.






Dr. Muerte has an enhanced sample of the counteractant to the R.I.P. formula.  However, due to unforseen circumstances, "outbreak" has occurred
in his vicinity.  Locate him (alive if possible), acquire the counteractant, and neutralize the sample barrel of R.I.P.  Proceed with both Dr.
Muerte and the counteractant to LZ Samhain for extraction.  Eliminate any witnesses and infected encountered.

1.  Insert by teams of 6 via helo transport at LZ Samhain
2.  Locate Dr. Muerte, the enhanced counteractant and R.I.P.
3.  Neutralize the R.I.P. and proceed to LZ w/ Dr. Muerte and counteractant
4.  Eliminate any witnesses and infected encountered
5.  Extract via LZ Samhain w/ Dr. Muerte and counteractant

Neutralization enzyme will be provided at insertion.

As explained last year, if discovered, this situation could lead to a federal investigation into TROCAR Chemicals, Inc.  Based on current
"government sponsor,"  and the general inquiry into last year's incident, we cannot permit this to happen.  Again, I fully understand the
difficulty of this mission.  Compensation will be generous for mission success.


Cpt. Luccio Romero
SWAT-HAZMAT Operations
TROCAR Chemicals, Inc



TROCAR ID: Contractor L.T. Lucius Cain - Delta Operator BDW

Journal Entry: 08

Subject: Environmental Impact Experiment 23102005

Location: San Juan Bautista, California

Briefing to Date:
01.Aug.05, Dr. Alberto Muerte and Dr. Mikael Maulowski successfully secure themselves in the small laboratory and maintain their position,
barricading all access points.  Their mental state is unknown as is their health.  All attempts at ourter contact are ignored in an attempt to
entice them out of the confides of the lab.

15.Oct.05, Dr. Mikael Maulowski attempts to escape and is subsequently dismembered in an "infected" feeding frenzy during his attempt.  This
leaves Dr. Muerte in complete isolation.

23.Oct.05, The day is warm with the typical Indian Summer quite common to San Juan Bautista this time of year.  As expected, the remote location
is perfect for this year's experiments.  Likewise, upon initial inspection, the R.I.P. virus again exceeded expectations.

The "infected" have been successfully functioning on their own for almost three months now.  Decomposition has been successfully retarded once
the subjects reach a certain level of decomposition.

Dr. Muerte has since ceased any attempts at contact.  He is still held up within the confides of the laboratory.  Outside, Dr. Maulowski's
remains are scattered about.  Occasionally, the infected will retrieve one of the pieces in an attempt to eat but will immediately discard it
once the rotting flesh touches their mouths.  Total count of "infected" is estimated at a small 15 units.  This number will increase
exponentially after todays experiments...
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