Game Details:

October 23, 2006

Game Location:
Morgan Hill, California

Game Schedule:
0800-1000hrs: Arrival, sign-in/register and chrono
1000-1030hrs: Briefing on rules and mission
1030-1045hrs: Insertion into field & mission briefing
1045-1215hrs: OPERATION: BIOHAZARD III begins
1215-1345hrs: Lunch Break
1345-1400hrs: Reinsertion into field (scenario reset)
1400-1530hrs: OPERATION: BIOHAZARD III resumes
1530-1545hrs: Briefing - No One Gets Out Alive!
1615-1630hrs: Debriefing & Raffle



TO: Cpt. Luccio Romero

FROM: Environmental Impact Department

SUBJECT: 23042006 - Environmental Impact Experiment

Mr. Romero,

As I am sure you are well aware, I personally assigned you the task of cleaning up your own mess.  It would appear that you are also incapable
of that.  After reading your report about the incident in April, I contacted our representative within the B.W.D.  Needless to say, I was not
surprised with what they had to report.  Many aspects differed from your account of the events regarding Impact Experiment 23042006.

another “representative” to review your situation, assess the damages and take whatever steps are necessary to alleviate the problem at its


As you well know, this is potentially devastating, more so than your fumble of Impact Experiment 24102005.  With the CIA's B.W.D. in possession
of certain “evidence,” they can begin their own Environmental Impact Experiments and in the event of a breakout, focus the source of the
experiments on us, TROCAR Chemicals, Inc., by releasing the evidence they recovered from Environmental Impact Experiment 23042006.  But that
will have to wait for another day

We’ve uncovered the whereabouts of the S.J.B.P.D. Officers and former TROCAR HAZMAT members who were taken into custody and turned state’s
evidence.  Under the protection of U.S. Marshalls, all of the witnesses were flown out of the country, to Mexico, for safe keeping awaiting the
Attorney General’s official filing of the case against TROCAR Chemicals, Inc.  While in transit back to the states the evening of 20.OCT.06, we
have ensured that the plane will have a malfunction and need to make an “emergency landing” in the hills just outside of Chihuahua, near the
small town of El Toro.  We know that they will set up camp that evening and then begin the trek, on foot, to Chihuahua in the morning.  That is
when you will make your move.

I know that you will not fowl up this one Mr. Romero as you will be leaving the safety of your desk to personally head the SWAT-HAZMAT team.  I
want you clean up this mess by taking any and all means necessary to ensure that those witnesses never reach Chihuahua.  We’ve taken the
liberty of making a minor “deposit” of R.I.P. into the small ghost town of El Toro to assist you with your task.  Should you find yourself
unable to complete this task, I trust you will not return, having fallen victim to the same tests you were hired to protect.


Frank Shelly, V.P.
Environmental Impact Department
TROCAR Chemicals, Inc.






Listen up team.  You might remember hearing of the experiment in San Juan Bautista.  As a result, certain V.P.s have begun debating whether or
not a SWAT-HAZMAT team is actually necessary.  We’ve been given the opportunity to clear the name of our employer and secure our employment
within the company as well as avenge those who’ve fallen before.

On 21-OCT-06, we’ll be inserting into the small town of El Toro, just outside of Chihuahua, Mexico.  We’ve been informed that there will be a
team of Federal Marshalls protecting those traitorous TROCAR employees who turned state’s evidence as well as the police officers who witnessed
the San Juan Bautista incident.  We have the opportunity here to clean the slate once and for all!  I have also been informed of a minor
complication.  Our own E.I.E. Department has taken it upon themselves to implant a small amount of their R.I.P. into our A.O. to ensure that
any we don’t get will be taken care of.  Because of this, we’ll need to stay sharp!

Once again, our jobs are all on the line men.  It’s a simple mission, so let’s do this fast and right and ensure we all come home for a change!

1. Insert at LZ Guillotine

2. Locate and neutralize any and all witnesses

2. Acquire and secure any and all statements in possession of the Marshalls

5. Extract via LZ Halloween w/ evidence

1. Avoid “infected” at all costs!

All our asses are on the line here gentlemen.  We need to succeed where the previous teams failed.  As should be expected, compensation will be
generous for mission success.


Cpt. Luccio Romero
SWAT-HAZMAT Operations
TROCAR Chemicals, Inc.



TROCAR ID: Contractor L.T. Lucius Cain - Delta Operator BDW

Journal Entry: 08

Subject: Environmental Impact Experiment 24102006

Location: Morgan Hill, California

Briefing to Date:
Under the protection of U.S. Marshalls, all of the witnesses who survived experiment 23102006 were flown out of the country, to Mexico, to a
safehouse and kept in protective custody until the Attorney General’s official filing of charges in the case against TROCAR Chemicals, Inc.

While in transit back to the states, the evening of 20.OCT.06, the small single-prop plane carrying the witnesses was intentionally sabotaged
by a TROCAR mole and conducted an emergency landing in the hills just outside of Chihuahua, near the small town of El Toro.  It was confirmed
by satellite digital imaging that the Marshalls established a basecamp for the night.

It was also confirmed that Cpt. Luccio Romero, on orders from V.P. Frank Shelly of TROCAR Chemicals, Inc., would be leading the SWAT-HAZMAT
team assigned to intercept the Marshalls en route to Chihuahua.

My objective was to observe and report the events of experiment 24102006:

24.OCT.06 – 0630hrs:  It was hot already, which was as to be expected of the area that time of year.  The thistle surrounding the trails was
dead and lingering, waiting to sink its needles into flesh, living or not so much anymore.  Judging by the smell, it was clear that TROCAR had
deployed their own contingency plan.  The R.I.P. virus had “mysteriously” reared its head in this local village, now a ghost town, located
midway through the pass to Chihuahua.  Above the unmistakable stench of rotting flesh, when the hot wind ceased enough to calm the whispering
of the thick thistle brush, the unmistakable moaning of an infected could be heard.  But the smell was worse, much worse, only magnified by the
hot weather and torturous sun.

A group of infected walked into view, “walk” being a relative term.  It was more like lumbering as it was plain to see that the signals from
their brains to their knees didn’t follow the same impulses they had used to.  It was also misleading though.  Based on what I observed with
experiment 23042006, these creatures are capable of a full-on sprint.  Many of the living victims fell dead by simply underestimating these
creatures, only to rise minutes later as one of them...
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