Game Details:

October 24, 2004

Game Location:
Moss Landing, California

Game Schedule:
0800hrs: Arrival, sign-in/register and chrono
0930hrs: Briefing on rules and mission
1000hrs: Insertion into field
1015hrs: OPERATION: BIOHAZARD begins
1230hrs: Lunch Break
1330hrs: OPERATION: BIOHAZARD resumes
1600hrs: OPERATION: BIOHAZARD concludes
1615hrs: Debriefing




DATE: 24-OCT-04

On 01-SEP-04 2354hrs, a distribution convoy received small arms fire from a local militant environmental protection group while in transit from
TROCAR Chemicals hidden facility, to dock 16 in Monterey.

During the engagement, a container rolled from one of the cargo trucks and was lost in the murky waters of the slew.  Due to time constraints
and local law enforcement activity, we were unable to recover the lost container.

While it appears that local wildlife has not been affected, we are led to believe that the spill has had ill affects on the human population in
the area.  Our investigation has uncovered rumors of several of the bodies of deceased militant group have been reanimated and have returned
home where they are reverting to acts of cannibalism with many of the locals disappearing only to reappear with the same behaviors.

Channel 12, KRIP News, aired the following statement: "We've just received reports that the dead are returning to life and are committing these
heinous acts of violence on the living.  If you come into contact with one of these individuals, notify the authorities and seek immediate
medical attention." While none of this has been confirmed, we believe these behaviors may be a direct result of contamination by the contents
of the lost container.

We have confirmed that local law enforcement has begun investigations in the area to determine the source of these rumors.

Due to the serious nature of this situation, RX Distribution, LTD. must cease all shipments and deny all involvement with TROCAR Chemicals
until this situation has been resolved.  

We recommend deployment of your SWAT-HAZMAT team to destroy all evidence including the eradication of all infected individuals in the area.

1. Insert by teams of 6 via helo transport at LZ Halloween.
2. Avoid all contact with local law enforcement personnel.
3. Locate, secure and decontaminate lost chemical container.
4. Neutralize all primary infected.
5. Return to LZ Halloween for extraction with container.

1. Neutralize as many secondary infected persons as possible.

If discovered, this situation could lead to a federal investigation into TROCAR Chemicals, Inc.  We cannot allow this to happen.  Compensation
will be generous for mission success.

Date: 24-OCT-04

TROCAR ID: Dr. Alberto Muerte - Research & Development - Security Level 20

Journal Entry: 04

Subject: Environmental Impact Experiment 24102004

Location: Moss Landing, California

The day is overcast, and a slight chill still hangs in the air from the rains the previous day.  It is believed the weather helped to spread
the contamination.  Signs posted everywhere warn us of the contagion.  Today we will be adding more humans to the environment to see how the
infected handled engagement by superior forces.  Already the R.I.P. has performed better than what was projected in the cadaver tests and
simulation reports.

It's early morning.  We observe law enforcement officers entering the area via the southern mountain.  The team looks to be well organized.  
Their point element, guns drawn double-fisted, is exuding confidence.

Suddenly a secondary infected appears on the right and is instantly downed by the officer, then another to the left, with the same results.  
Suddenly two more appear on either side.  The officer lets loose on both as the slides lock back on his Glocks, signaling he is out of
ammunition.  He turns to break contact as the Infected close the distance.

Rather than support him, his fellow officers turn and flee back up the hill.  Within seconds, the Infected close upon the officer.

Their speed is surprising, yet their intensity is not, as this is their first meal in over two weeks.  It is not but mere minutes before the
officer rises to his feet.  He has joined the ranks of the Secondary Infected...
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