Game Details:

April 23, 2005

Game Location:
San Juan Bautista, California

Game Schedule:
0800hrs: Arrival, sign-in/register and chrono
0930hrs: Briefing on rules and mission
1100hrs: Insertion into field
1300hrs: Lunch Break
1400hrs: Reinsertion into field (scenario reset)
1600hrs: OPERATION: INTERVENTION concludes
1615hrs: Debriefing
1630hrs: Raffle


TO: Cpt. Luccio Romero

FROM: Environmental Impact Department

SUBJECT: 23102005 - Environmental Impact Disaster

As you are already aware, last month’s environmental impact experiment went rather poorly.  To be blunt, I would classify the incident as an
outright disaster!  Not only were your SWAT-HAZMAT operators unable to recover Dr. Muerte or the counteractant, but two of them were taken into
custody by the San Juan Bautista Police Department and the remainder unaccounted for.  However, I do not believe you are aware of all of the
ramifications of your little “blunder.”

This situation was elevated when both individuals turned state’s evidence and have since been placed into the WPP under the protection of
Federal Marshalls while the Attorney General’s Office has placed gag orders on all of the officers involved as they prepare to build a case
against TROCAR Chemicals, Inc.  This is an utter disgrace but will have to wait to receive our attention until their whereabouts have been
leaked to our intelligence.

For the past three months, per our request, the B.D.W. has been attempting to track heat signatures in the area of the incident using satellite
digital imaging.  They have informed us that as of mid December, they were unable to locate any “active” heat signatures in the vicinity.  I am
positive that this means everyone left behind at the incident has since “expired” from exposure.  This should be to your benefit by lessening
the difficulty in retrieving the counteractant.

The situation gets worse.

The journalist Rod Typhoon managed to extract with the S.J.B.P.D. after the incident and was preparing to broadcast his footage via his
connections with both national and international media.  We were able to “acquire” his footage, which I believe you have reviewed, via an
internal operative at a considerable cost to the company.  However, publicly shamed with lack of evidence to support his “zombie outbreak”
story, Mr. Typhoon has been meeting with a local bail bondsman.  He is discussing hiring local bounty hunters as body guards and returning to
the site of the incident to obtain “proof” of his so called “zombie outbreak.”

I expect you will be wiping your own ass and already have measures in place to see to it that this incident is sanitized before the government
takes action.  As a result of the October experiments and the events that have followed, the B.W.D. is threatening to scrap further
experimentation and development of the R.I.P. virus as well as the classified projects: PROJECT: UNDERTAKER and the new PROJECT: KASKAT.  I
cannot emphasize the devastating financial effect that this will have on TROCAR Chemicals, Inc.  If this happens, you will lose more than your
job Mr. Romero.  Make no mistake about it.  This is by no means a threat.  It is, simply put, a promise I will personally see through.


Frank M. Shelly, V.P.
Environmental Impact Department
TROCAR Chemicals, Inc.






You are all aware of the results of October’s experiment.  We were unable to recover our insertion team, Dr. Muerte, or the counteractant.  
This fumble has been felt throughout the chain of command and our jobs are on the line here.

Incidentally, Rod Typhoon, the reporter from the footage shown at the After Action Report, was publicly shamed after failing to present
evidence to validate his complaints against TROCAR Chemicals, Inc.  He has taken it upon himself to gather a posse and return to the location
of the experiment to gather evidence.

Our jobs are all on the line men.  You’ll need to recover the counteractant.  In addition, you are going in hot.  Rod Typhoon and his personnel
are to be considered hostile.  Make no mistake about it gentlemen, this is what you’ve been training for.  This is what you’re paid for.  Your
orders are to

1. Insert at LZ Legion
2. Locate and recover the counteractant
3. Locate and neutralize Rod Typhoon & personnel
4. Recover any evidence of TROCAR experiments from Rod Typhoon
5. Extract via LZ Baal w/ counteractant and evidence

All our asses are on the line here gentlemen.  You will need to succeed where the previous team failed.  We’re facing a federal investigation
into TROCAR Chemicals, Inc. and quite possibly company bankruptcy with the evacuation of our "government sponsor." As should be expected,
compensation will be generous for mission success.


Cpt. Luccio Romero
SWAT-HAZMAT Operations
TROCAR Chemicals, Inc.



TROCAR ID: Contractor SFC Damon Delgado - Delta Operator BDW

Journal Entry: 01

Subject: Environmental Impact Experiment 23042006

Location: San Juan Bautista, California

Dawn was just breaking over the horizon as I snuck into my “snipers” hide.  The sun’s first rays peeked over the horizon as I situated myself
and checked my surroundings.  I was perched on a steep hill overlooking a canyon that ran down the middle of the San Juan Mountain, slowly
bringing light to dense foliage that covered the hillsides.  Satisfied with my concealment, I went over my orders again.

My “assignment” was to observe and report in on the new improvements to the BDW’s Project:  UNDERTAKER, first introduced in the San Juan
Bautista Incident six months ago.  TROCAR, despite currently being under a Department of Justice investigation, was continuing with it’s
experimentation into military application of a controllable re-animation process, their R.I.P.  Their limited success in the past apparently
warranted the Pentagon to overlook their questionable use of live humans for their experiments.  This experimentation is said to have raised
the concerns with a few in the CIA, since it has been rumored that during a terrorist attack against the TROCAR convoy 2 years ago, some drums
of the experimental concoction had been lost and apparently contaminated the local population, causing an outbreak.  Only after the greatest
amount of effort and secrecy, what the Incident contained . .

. .but apparently, not as well as TROCAR and CIA had hoped.

Rod Typhoon, an eccentric reporter, had claimed that he had evidence that TROCAR was operating a secret experimental lab stashed away in this
canyon. His stated live subjects had unwittingly been involved, and that some had escaped the year prior, leading to the now famous Moss
Landing incident. Apparently, TROCAR had make a considerable bribe to ensure his “evidence” was destroyed before being revealed.  Because of
this, he failed to provide any solid proof of his allegations at the Congressional Committee hearings that shortly followed the incident.  
Obviously embarrassed and disgraced by his inability to back his statements, Typhoon was said to have approached local bail bondsmen to hire
some of their bounty hunters to act as his body guards.  Apparently, he was trying to locate more evidence to prove his accusations were
factual.  It has been rumored that he is returning to the San Juan Bautista Mountains looking for new proof of TROCARS illegal experiments, as
well as the existence of the UNDERTAKER project.

TROCAR, alerted thru the CIA, has dispatching one of their Heavy SWAT-HAZMAT teams fully decked out with MP5 submachine guns, to locate
Typhoon, eliminated him, his body guards, recover any evidence he may collect on TROCARs illicit activities.  UNDERTAKER has also been
dispatched as back-up for the initial team in case of their failure, although unknown to the SWAT-HAZMAT, they were also to be eliminated to
silence all witnesses.

My job is to watch it all unfold and report back to the BDW on my observations, specifically to analyze the effectiveness of the UNDERTAKER

So here I am, sitting hidden on this hill, overlooking a small cabin in the middle of the canyon.  As I quietly reposition myself within my
Hide, I hear voices and see movement in the distance.  Using my binoculars, I see a group of men make their way up a road around a pond, slowly
advancing towards the cabin.  They all seem to be rather well armed for a motley crew of civvies.  Mainly pistols from what I observe, and
there in their midst, is Rod Typhoon himself.  Apparently he’s expecting some trouble if he’s bringing armed bodyguards with him.

He’s right.  

Following behind him at distance, the TROCAR SWAT-HAZMAT elimination team covertly shadows his group, wisely taking the trail on the right side
of the pond.

Along the way, Typhoon’s group stops off at what appears to be a corpse.  They inspect it, and seem to have discovered ammunition and a sub-
machine gun.  Unaware of the TROCAR unit sneaking up on them, they seem to relish in their discovery, until each group notices the other.  Just
as they turn to engage each other, both groups are simultaneously attacked by a group of infected (apparently unaccounted-for infected from the
previous EIE that seem to have remained alive in the canyon).  Caught unprepared, they turn upon the new assailants, putting them down quickly.
After a brief engagement, the two teams appear to hold a conference and reach a truce, since they both move out together as they proceed to the
cabin, with Typhoons group in the lead and TROCAR pulling rear guard.

Nearing the cabin, Typhoon’s men engage another group of infected, readily taking them down without casualties.  Unfortunately for them, they
break a carnal rule of combat:  Never turn your back on a “conditional ally”.

As soon as the bounty hunters finish off the last of the zombies, TROCAR makes it’s move, firing upon the bounty hunters.  Several of them are
incapacitated, although a few managed to return fire, but they also quickly fall.  Typhoon, to his credit, seemed reluctant to abandon his men,
but eventually fled under the onslaught deeper into the canyon.

Taking this opportunity, the TROCAR group moved onto the cabin to secure and neutralize a container of the R.I.P. left behind in last Octobers
disaster.  Distracted by their duties, few were prepared for the sudden onslaught of infected that seemed to appear out of nowhere.  Taken by
surprise, the TROCAR soldiers put up a fierce resistance, but are simply overwhelmed by the numbers.  A portion of the team cracked under
pressure and fled the scene, leaving some of their members to fend for them selves.  These stragglers put up a valiant effort, but where
eventually overcome and infected, along with the incapacitated bounty hunters lying about the cabin.

Witnessing this turn of events, I began to wonder how TROCAR was going to contain this PR disaster.  As if to answer my question, PROJECT:
UNDERTAKER entered the arena.  Like a dark knight, it lumbered onto the field, marching right past the zombies as they feasted on their latest
victims.  Despite it’s limited statue (I honestly expected something . . . taller), it looked very inch as deadly as the armored overcoat it
wore and the heavy weapon that it carried.  Scanning the area for its target, it lumbered deeper into the canyon in pursuit of Typhoon.  The
infected, having finished their meals, rise up and follow, some behind PROJECT: UNDERTAKER, others take chase after the few fleeing TROCAR

Losing sight of both groups, I had to leave my Hide to find a better perch to continue my observation.  As I moved across the canyon in the
wake of the ongoing engagement, I saw the TROCAR troops becoming entrapped in a narrow uphill pathway leading to a water tower.  Wisely using
the tower as a barrier, they were able to stand their ground and overcome the first wave of pursuing infected.  They also stumbled upon another
armed corpse, and made haste to relieve and use the newly found SMG as well as its ammunition and supplies.  Freshly re-supplied, they bravely
charged into the fray, punching their way out of the dead-end pathway to escape up the hills, unfortunately not all of them successfully make
it through, as a troop acting as rear guard was overpowered and consumed by the surviving infected.

Moving to the opposite side of the canyon, I acquired visual contact with Typhoon’s group as they came upon another decomposed body.  This one
was different though, as it wore a light green lab coat and Intern smock.  It was then that I realized that Typhoon and his men had stumbled
upon the remains of the missing Dr. Muerte. Among the bod's effects was another MP5 SMG, ammo, and amazingly, a container of the counteractant
to the R.I.P. virus.  Typhoon seemed quite jubilant at this discovery.  That happiness was quickly displaced with fear as PROJECT: UNDERTAKER,
apparently sensing his find, made a rapid march directly for him, with several infected in tow.

Upon seeing PROJECT: UNDERTAKER approach, several of the bounty hunters foolishly opened fire on him, to little effect.  They were quickly
suppressed and eliminated by the withering fire from UNDERTAKER’s heavy weapon.   Watching their comrade being gunned down was apparently too
much for the rest of the group, as they and Typhoon made a hasty retreat deeper into the dark canyon, with UNDERTAKER in hot pursuit.

With their options limited, infected increasingly appearing around them, and avenues of escape decreasing, they decided to try to lose their
undead assailants by climbing up the canyon hillside.  This strategy seemed to have limited success, as while the UNDERTAKER did not seem
obliged to chase them up the incline but the infected continued the pursuit, slowly beginning to gradually encircle the bounty hunters and
Typhoon.  Realizing their deteriorating situation, they made a break for it, trying to circumvent UNDERTAKER by staying uphill and running
parallel to it, gunning down a few threatening infected that got in their way.  This move might have worked, had UNDERTAKER been unarmed.  
Instead, several more bounty hunters were gunned down when UNDERTAKER fired upon them from his low position, proving that he was till a threat
even from a distance.  This latest attack became too much for the bounty hunters to handle, as panic began to set in and they became fractured,
with Typhoon and a few trying to find any means to escape the onslaught, while others tried to make a stand.  These few brave souls sacrificed
themselves as they eventually were all brought down by the combined effort of the infected overrunning them and the UNDERTAKER's withering
fire.  Wounded during a burst of the UNDERTAKER's fire, Typhoon appeared to become immobilized and despondent, apparently in a state of shock.

At this point, it became every man for him-self, as the remaining bounty hunters quickly stripped Typhoon of his belongings, including some
recovered photographic evidence as well as the Anti-Virus, and ran down the hill, leaving him to his fate.  It wasn’t long before he fell to
the zombie horde, as the survivors scurried down the hill, desperately trying to escape.  Sadly, their fate was inevitable, as more of the
bounty hunters ran out of ammunition and became trapped by the overwhelming number of zombies, eventually succumbing to their appetite for
flesh.  One bounty hunter made an almost comical dash for freedom, running down the hill with the sling of a spent MP5 wrapped around his leg,
dragging the useless weapon with him.  Upon reaching the bottom of the canyon, he even managed to get 200 yards down the road before finally
being overtaken by the pursuing infected.  During this fiasco, UNDERTAKER was able to recover both the photo evidence AND the counter-agent
from a now infected bounty hunters.  He then proceeded back to the canyon entrance, and disappeared in the distance for BDW extraction.

Right about this time, I heard in the distance more gunfire and screams of terror and agony, which eventually subsided and the general silence
returned. .  I could only assume that the remainder of the TROCAR squad had met a similar gruesome fate.  As I made my way back across the
canyon towards my original hide, the lack of contact seemed to confirm this.  The large number of infected within the area seemed to further
confirm these suspicions.  Still I remained at my post until late in the afternoon.

As the sun slowly began to set, and the only sightings were of an occasional infected searching the brushes of for a possible meal, I
cautiously crawled out of my hide and made my way to the extraction point.

That is the extent of my observations, gentlemen.  It is in my opinion that the improvements to PROJECT: UNDERTAKER have been successful, as
any opposition he experienced failed to damage him significantly, and he was able to recover both the lost counter-agent and retrieve the photo
evidence that could have revealed his existence and TROCARs involvement.  While the loss of life is saddening, it further proves the projects
effectiveness.  I recommend moving forward to the next step of production and incorporating these findings into PROJECT: KASKAT.

--end of file--
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